why take the SAT Diagnostic Test

The three main benefits of taking an SAT Diagnostic Test

Just like for anything in life, practice makes perfect

When it comes to an exame like the SAT, you can never have enough practice. The SAT is totally different from any exam you've ever experienced, hence one the best ways to excel on the actual SAT, is by practising taking full-lenght SAT exams beforehand. This simple fact is true for three reasons:

  1. As you gain more exposure to the SAT question types, you become comfortable with the specific format, which will result in a higher score
  2. One of the main issues SAT test takers lament is running out of time. By practising in a time-pressured way, you will adapt and manage your time efficiently on test day!
  3. For some student, stress and anxiety kicks in the moment a test starts. The best way to combat this feeling is to prepare, and one of the best preparation strategy is to practice in a simulated environment! Just like astronaut before a space mission
how Millie SAT Diagnostic Test works

Maximize your score with Millie SAT Diagnostic Tests

Millie SAT Diagnostic Tests: a tested tool to ace the test

Hundreds of students have taken Millie SAT Diagnostic Tests. The tests are free to take, take place over zoom and include:

  1. Full-length, 2.5 -hour simulation of the SAT test
  2. Time-bound and proctored environemnt
  3. Exact results (total score + breakdown by section) within a week
  4. Group, interactive feedback session, hosted one week after the SAT Diagnostic test

For Millie SAT Diagnostic Test, you will need:

  1. Paper and pencils/pens
  2. Some water to keep you hydrated
  3. A calculator
  4. A good night sleep!

If you have any further questions, check out our FAQs.

For individualized feedback after the SAT Diagnostic Test, you can:

  1. For USD 15, get a detailed report with more details around your performance and the questions you got wrong
  2. For USD 70, get a detailed report + an hour with an expert Millie Academic Mentor

This will allow you to go through your results and discuss a specific action plan to improve. Finally, to prepare for the actual SAT test - look no further! Millie runs one-on-one and group classes year-round - sign up now to save your seat!

Meet Harry

a typical Millie SAT Diagnostic Test taker

Meet Harry

a typical Millie SAT Diagnostic Test taker

2 weeks before the test


Harry signs up for the next SAT Diagnostic Test and receives a magic link from Millie

1 week before the test


Harry receives an email with lots of links: to the zoom room, to the portal where to upload his answers, to the instructions summary and instructions video, and also to a cancellation form (in case he can no longer make it)

SAT Diagnostic Test Day


Harry raises his hand if he's all ready, and takes the full 3.5-hour test!

1 week after the test


Harry receives an email with another magic link, this time to his results! He is also invited to an interactive feedback session to go through the test and how to improve


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