We help international school students around the world find their academic path with confidence.

We provide expert online admissions coaching and exam preparation services to support teachers and counselors as they steer their students to achieve academic success and discover their passions. Sign up to be a Millie Partner School, and you will have access to our Community portfolio of free workshops and educational resources to help you set your students' sights high.

We welcome every Partner School with a free and inspiring online presentation, which is the perfect way for you and your students to explore their future study and career options and understand how we can help them take the next exciting step. On these sessions we are joined by incredible mentors from our global network, who share their time and knowledge virtually.

If you would like to find out more, book a chat with us about our customized workshops, group application essay, SAT preparation online courses, and One-on-One tutoring packages, all delivered by Millie's global network of experienced academic mentors and university guidance coaches. Or, sign up to become a Partner School on our simple form.

From Ivy League to Oxbridge, IB to the Common App, or via SATs, our academic mentoring and admissions guidance coaching service is personalized for your students' needs to help international students take the next step toward achieving their goals.

Our response to COVID-19

Whilst we love to visit schools in-person to introduce ourselves, we are an online-first organization, so we are set up to run all of our class presentations and courses virtually.

We support all students

We offer our Launchpad program to schools for free because we believe that every committed student should have the support they need. We also offer bursaries for students who cannot afford our paid services, and you can find out more about them and how to apply for them on our CSR page.


Hope Johnson

Counselor at SEK International School Qatar

The students that have engaged in Millie’s webinars are markedly more knowledgeable regarding the realities of their options, and thus better prepared for the important decisions ahead.

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Asil Al-Shammari

High School and University Counselor at ACS International School Hillingdon

I would definitely recommend Millie to every university counselor, it is a great addition to have to your counseling programme.

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Nickeisha Thomas

High School Counselor at ACS International School Doha

Millie Group is innovative, very connected, and supportive. I highly recommend students, schools, and organizations to work with them for an even better outcome in meeting your student's aspirations.

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Lisa AbiDaoud

School Counselor at Qatar Academy for Science and Technology

Millie offers personalized services and shares resources and opportunities for counselors so we can share them with our students.

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our programs

Partnership Program

"How am I going to be ready for my SATs? What shall I major in? How will I get into the university of my dreams?"


Jason Liu

Former Student and Intern, attending Cornell University

Millie is so radically different from a lot of its competitors, but the simple principle that I keep coming back to is that Millie’s mentors truly care about their students lives beyond the university admissions process.

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Davy So

Mother of a former IB student at UWC LPC

The most stressful and overwhelming stage of my son’s high school career was the university application period; he was swamped by a huge amount of schoolwork while having to handle the complex application process.

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Akshay Atapattu

Former student, attending USC

Millie was extremely committed to my success - meeting me in Hong Kong, and skyping me even on my cruise! Millie also used their vast network and connected me to a former architecture graduate from my top choice program, enhancing my chances of acceptance.

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Cathy Chow

Mother of Christine Kwong, attending Drexel University

The tailored online tutoring on IB English & Economics as well as SAT & Art portfolio prep also help effectively and the save a lot of time on commute. The enthusiastic and friendly tone helps her with good motivation to excel her studies.

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Scarlet Kim

Former Student & Intern, Attending KAIST

What I love about Millie is that Millie really lives up to their motto to be the “big brothers & sisters” for international students. I never felt uncomfortable reaching out to Ariel during the university application process or to Giuseppe or Jenna during my internship.

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