Helping international schools students around the world find their academic path with confidence.

We provide expert online admissions support and exam prep services, to support teachers and counsellors steer their students to achieve academic success and discover their passions. Sign up to be a Millie Partner school and you will have access to our Launchpad portfolio of free workshops and educational resources to help you set your students sights high.

If you need more, talk to us about the customised workshops, group tutor sessions, 1:1 support, provided by Millie’s global network of experienced academic mentors through our next level Jumpstart and Supercharge programmes. From Ivy League to Oxbridge, from A Levels to the Common App, via SATs, our academic mentoring and admissions guidance service is personalised for your students’ needs, helping international students take the next step towards achieving their goals.

Our response to COVID-19

We used to visit schools in-person to introduce ourselves, but now do this completely online. During these sessions, we are joined by incredible mentors from our global network, who are willing to share their time and knowledge virtually so the learning can continue.

We support all students

We offer our Launchpad program to schools for free, and we also have bursaries for students who cannot afford our paid services.


Hope Johnson

Counsellor at SEK International School Qatar - Doha

The students that have engaged in Millie’s webinars are markedly more knowledgeable regarding the realities of their options, and thus better prepared for the important decisions ahead.

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Asil Al-Shammari

High School and University Counsellor at ACS International School Hillingdon

I would definitely recommend Millie to every university counsellor, it is a great addition to have to your counselling programme. 

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Nickeisha Thomas

High School Counsellor at ACS Doha International School

Millie Group is innovative, very connected, and supportive. I highly recommend students, schools, and organizations to work with them for an even better outcome in meeting your student's aspirations.

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"How am I going to be ready for my SATs? What shall I major in? How will I get into the university of my dreams?"

We have the answers to all of the questions going around in your head because our team has been there. We bring our personal experience to help you choose a major, decide which universities to apply for, write application essays or even prep for your SATs, IB or A-levels.

We can work with you online 1:1 to understand your needs and provide personalised support that will make a difference.

You can sign up online for one of our standard Guidance or Academic mentoring programmes, but if you need a more tailored, individual programme to fulfill your dreams, book a free assessment chat with our team to create a roadmap just for you.


Jason Liu

Former Student and Intern, attending Cornell University

Millie is so radically different from a lot of its competitors, but the simple principle that I keep coming back to is that Millie’s mentors truly care about their students lives beyond the university admissions process.

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Davy So

Mother of Jack Lee, attending New York University

The most stressful and overwhelming stage of my son’s high school career was the university application period; he was swamped by a huge amount of schoolwork while having to handle the complex application process.

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Akshay Atapattu

Former student, attending USC

Millie was extremely committed to my success - meeting me in Hong Kong, and skyping me even on my cruise! Millie also used their vast network and connected me to a former architecture graduate from my top choice program, enhancing my chances of acceptance.

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Cathy Chow

Mother of Christine Kwong, attending Drexel University

The tailored online tutoring on IB English & Economics as well as SAT & Art portfolio prep also help effectively and the save a lot of time on commute. The enthusiastic and friendly tone helps her with good motivation to excel her studies.

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