Meet the Millie Team

Based in New York, London and Hong Kong, Millie is a startup, the brainchild of a young and energetic group of co-founders.

Jenna Ahn, Giuseppe lademarco and Ariel Lau have all set out to bring their own life experience to bear when creating the guidance and support that they would like to have received as young students.

The team have a fierce collective belief that no matter where in the world students are based, they should have the confidence to apply for universities in any other country with ease and feel prepared to do so.

We have expert support

The School Advisory Board

The Millie School Advisory Board is made up of three independent education experts who kindly volunteer their time to support the founders. Their role at Millie is to guide the team when developing new offerings to ensure that they will meet the needs of today's international school students and the many curriculums and admissions processes that we cater for.

Dedicated team

Introducing our experts