Why you need a Millie mentor

"My school and teachers are great, but I need some extra help!"

Our students say we helped them achieve something they thought was impossible. Can we help you?

Getting an IB grade of 6 as opposed to your current PG of 4 can impact your final university destination. Improve your scores by working with our academic mentors, and - alongside those extracurricular activities and recommendation letters - you will achieve your dream.

We've had many cases in which all our students needed was that little bit of extra One-on-One support to achieve what felt like an impossible goal. So let us help you.

What we offer

Subject tutoring and set courses which are fully online and customised for your needs.

We provide a full academic mentoring programme. This splits into two areas:

  • Tutoring packages covering academic subjects and exams such as SAT, ACT, IB, and AP, in both One-on-One and group sessions, with our expert mentors.
  • Our set courses, detailed below, in SAT and IB+AP prep.

Academic mentoring packages

Work with us year-round or just for 2-4 months before exams for a much-needed boost. We offer tutoring in time blocks on SAT, ACT, and most subjects from IB, AP (or American curriculum), and SAT subject tests. A-Level options will be added in the 2021-2022 school season.


SAT I: English, Math
SAT II : No longer administered. Check out our article here.
ACT: English, Reading, Math, Science, Optional Writing


AP: Calculus (AB & BC), Stats, Econ (Macro & Micro), Physics (All), Chem, Bio, Psych, English (Lit & Lang), Chinese (Lang)
IB: Math / Math Studies, Econ, Physics, Chem, Bio, English (A&B), Mandarin Chinese (A&B)

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SAT One-on-One Class

  • 1.5 hours per sessions
  • 2 or 3 sessions / week
  • 4 weeks
  • Plus 2 diagnostic tests

IB+AP One-on-One Class

  • 1.5 hours per session
  • 2 sessions per week
  • 4 weeks
  • Course covers previous test paper review + learning new or tough materials

Academic Programs

  • BMAT/LNAT One-on-One Class
  • Writing Programs
  • and many more...
Dedicated team

The Millie dream team

We have life experience and work experience. Many of us have travelled the world. Although we love teaching and mentoring, we also have hobbies and passions that make us who we are.


Stefano Gallina

current student, 11th grade in an int'l school in Italy

Millie has paved the way for my academic future: not only am I already working on SAT preparation with a fantasic mentor (there's no one available in my hometown!) and I am only in the 9th grade.

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Akshay Atapattu

Former student, attending USC

Millie was extremely committed to my success - meeting me in Hong Kong, and skyping me even on my cruise! Millie also used their vast network and connected me to a former architecture graduate from my top choice program, enhancing my chances of acceptance.

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Cathy Chow

Mother of Christine Kwong, attending Drexel University

The tailored online tutoring on IB English & Economics as well as SAT & Art portfolio prep also help effectively and the save a lot of time on commute. The enthusiastic and friendly tone helps her with good motivation to excel her studies.

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Scarlet Kim

Former Student & Intern, Attending KAIST

What I love about Millie is that Millie really lives up to their motto to be the “big brothers & sisters” for international students. I never felt uncomfortable reaching out to Ariel during the university application process or to Giuseppe or Jenna during my internship.

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Mother of Former Millie Student

Thank you very much to the entire Millie team to walk James through the college admissions process.

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Why choose Millie

We know that for international school students, unique opportunities come with equally unique struggles

"Life as an international school student is hard. From outside in, it seems we are living a life where 'the world is your oyster,' but in reality, many of us are experiencing choice paralysis."

As an international school student, you deal with unique problems that aren't covered in most prep books. You are going through a curriculum that your parents may not be familiar with, or maybe you have had to adapt to new curricula every couple of years due to your parents relocating frequently. Although it gives you a lot of options to study and work abroad, there's a lot to prepare and you might experience decision paralysis.

We were in the same shoes as you not too long ago, and we're here to help.