What CSR means to Millie

We strongly believe that education is an equalizer.

Access to quality education for all committed students is a right, no matter what your financial resources. Providing it will help create the next generation of capable and productive members of our global society.

Millie is committed to creating a community for international school students by providing academic and career guidance for all. We strive to make our services accessible to students from different social economic backgrounds, and we do so by offering free resources to all students and through our formal corporate social responsibility programs.

Apart from providing scholarships to our students so that they can have access to our guidance and test prep services for free, we are also bringing our Millie Bursary Program to schools, through which they can nominate eligible students to participate in our complimentary university guidance program!

What we offer

Pro bono support and bursary programme

Since we launched Millie we have offered pro bono student mentoring alongside our paid programmes, with our goal from day one to ensure that one student in ten is supported at no cost to them. We select hard-working and deserving students and have seen our trust and investment paying back already.

Alongside this project we're launching a bursary programme where companies and individuals can sponsor students through our courses and programs, or choose to provide practical support such as internships and training.

To find out more, apply for or support our program here.
Dedicated team

Meet our Summer 2023 Interns

This summer we're proud to welcome 9 global interns from the likes of Hong Kong to United States and Thailand to Qatar, in joining the Millie team! In the next few months, these interns will learn first hand experience across Business Development and Content. Keep an eye on our socials to hear directly from them what it's like to intern 100% virtually at Millie!

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