What CSR means to Millie

We strongly believe that education is a great equalizer

and that access to quality education for all outstanding students — not just those with significant financial resources — will help create a generation of capable and productive members of our global society.

Millie is committed to creating a community for international school students by providing academic and career guidance. We also strive to make our services accessible to students from different social economic backgrounds and we do so through our corporate social responsibility programs.

Apart from providing scholarships to our students so that they can have access to our guidance and test prep services for free, we are also bringing our Millie Bursary Program to schools, through which they can nominate eligible students to participate in our complimentary university guidance program!

How can I participate + contribute?

We are soft launching our bursary program in Hong Kong in September 2020.

We are also actively seeking sponsorships from different organizations to enrich our bursary students’ experience! We are not just looking for monetary contributions; we are also inviting corporations to participate with any valuable experiential learning opportunities that they can offer, including internship, shadowing, coffee chats, mentorship etc. You can check out the different ways your organization can contribute by clicking the button for sponsors below.

We are looking forward to receiving nominations from more schools globally in the near future!

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Our participating schools of the bursary program will be able to nominate one well-deserving student to apply for the program. If you would like to inquire more regarding the nomination process, please feel free to contact our Global Head Counsellor or fill out the below form to request a bursary introduction presentation over zoom!

Set up a bursary intro presentation