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Millie’s Quizzes: Which IB Science Should I Choose?

Millie’s Quizzes: Which IB Science Should I Choose?

Whether you love science or hate it, with the IB you will have to take a science either at Higher or Standard Level. But what should you choose? To help you answer just that, Millie’s IB Science Quiz will guide you as to what science may be right for you!

What are the IB Sciences

“Each science is unique and challenging in its own way.”

The sciences are part of the IB Group 4 subjects, including Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Systems and Societies, Design Technology, Computer Science and Sports, Exercise and Health Science. Keep in mind that not all schools offer all of these options, but most schools will offer at least four (usually the first four on the list) if not more. Each science has different attributes and skills needed to excel at it, so depending on your strengths and interests you could choose one or two sciences at HL, or just one at SL. Keep in mind however, most schools won’t allow you to choose three sciences, so if that is something you’re interested in you will need to discuss it with your school beforehand.

Now onto the fun stuff! If you’re still undecided about which science is right for you, take this quiz to get a better idea of what you should choose!

Start the Quiz!

Question 1: How do you learn /retain information best?

  1. By creating diagrams or equations and memorising short definitions

  2. By memorising large passages of written information

  3. By using equations and formulas with some memorisation of definitions

  4. By hands on learning where you make something

  5. A mix of the above

Question 2: Which of these subjects do you enjoy the most at school?

  1. Maths

  2. History

  3. Economics

  4. Art

  5. Geography

Question 3: What would you say is your strongest academic skill?

  1. Mathematics and problem solving

  2. Memorising and essay writing

  3. Understanding and manipulating complex equations

  4. Visualising and creating solutions to problems

  5. Problem solving and essay writing

Question 4: Which of these other subjects are you planning on taking at Higher Level?

  1. Maths Analysis and Approaches

  2. Psychology

  3. Maths Applications and Interpretations

  4. Art

  5. Geography

Question 5: Which subject combination would you want to pursue in university?

  1. Physics or Engineering

  2. Biology, Biomedicine or Neuroscience

  3. Chemistry, Pharmacology or Medicine

  4. Design Technology, Graphic Design or Art

  5. Social Science or humanities


If you got mostly As… you should choose Physics!

By the options you selected, it sounds like you are mathematically minded, like problem solving with equations and formulas, and can memorise short definitions with accuracy - all perfect for Physics! If you’re planning on taking Physics at university, you will need to take Maths Analysis (probably at Higher Level), so keep that in mind when making your final subjects! Find out more about IB Physics here.

If you got mostly Bs… you should choose Biology!

It looks like your strengths are memorising large amounts of information and writing about it in depth, two skills you’ll definitely need for Biology! If you want to study Biology or Neuroscience at university, it might be worth taking Higher Level Maths or Psychology to complement those subjects. Also, if you want to study Medicine, you will need to have Higher Level Chemistry and possibly Maths too! Find out more about IB Biology here.

If you got mostly Cs… you should choose Chemistry!

From what we see, it sounds like your strengths are mixed between memorizing, using formulas and equations mathematically, and writing. These are all key skills for Chemistry! As mentioned, you will have to take Higher Level Biology and possibly Maths if you want to pursue Medicine at university, but if you’re going for pure Chemistry you should be good to go! Find out more about IB Chemistry here.

If you got mostly Ds… you should choose Design Technology!

Based on the options you chose, your strengths lie more in the creative side, where you can visualize solutions to problems and actually create those in a hands-on format. This is exactly what you need for Design! You could pair this with Art if you wanted to pursue Design at university, or with Physics if you were thinking of an Architecture degree perhaps. Find out more about IB Design Technology here.

Lastly, if you got mostly Es… you should choose Environmental Systems and Societies!

It looks like your strengths lie mostly in memorizing and essay writing, with a more Humanities-based focus. This is perfect for Environmental Systems and Societies! You could pair this with Biology or Geography if you wanted to pursue this at university, or perhaps if Science isn’t your passion, you could take this at Standard Level in place of the core sciences. Find out more about IB Environmental Systems and Societies here.

Hopefully you now have a better idea about what science is right for you! Remember, this quiz is by no means definitive, and you should conduct your own research into each of the subjects to see which one is right for you and what you might need for university. And remember, sign yourself up for a free consultation to plan your next steps at university!