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Five UK StudyTubers You Should Be Watching

Five UK StudyTubers You Should Be Watching

Written by Mariethe Joan Cobrito

Do you need some motivation to inspire you? Or are you looking for a more effective way to study? These five US StudyTubers may be perfect for you!

Though YouTube is probably the first place you may turn to procrastinate, there is a dedicated community of creators who provide the best motivational and educational content online. Subscribing to the proper channels can help you turn your recommendations into an educational haven! From study-with-me’s to learning about spaced repetition, check out Millie’s recommendations for the best US StudyTubers!


studying is difficult.


Those are her words, not ours! Admittedly, studying can become a tedious process but watching her videos can definitely help you get into the mood. studyquill, otherwise known as Jasmine, has taken us on her journey from her freshman year of high school, to college applications to finally becoming a sophomore at UCLA. Viewers have grown alongside her as she discovers the study techniques that work best for her as well as the habits that she, along with many of her subscribers, needs to quit. She provides tips for high schoolers, advice on how students can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and adulting tips as she navigates the adult world too!

Yoora Jung

Just the average life of a college student

1V6M7g3K2upc2pFy_FHeeIq3_XQR9Klsr-T2ebp4kuTW2rbNkOdTNCFlBUq9fC2CkLpY2DCFE9xmUF7omU2XAqFmUkjnynC1YJ0ldkQmVPPpu35k3OGU1_RHqQxKTD0j-AbVENdz7Jz4IKBkrOEIHLgYoora Jung is a Korean-American vlogger who recently graduated with a BS in Neuroscience and behavior from the University of Notre Dame. Yoora offers a realistic and relatable view of her during finals and midterms and how it is not always about the aesthetic pens and notebook spreads. Her journey is a perfect example of how despite the stress and challenges that come with university life, it will all be worth it in the end. Aside from her studies, she also posts about other things in her life such as going to a BTS concert and trying to find an apartment in LA.

“Humans are not robots that can be programmed to work 24/7.”

Mariana’s Corner

Productivity for real people, not robots

vLmtDHXHwGLR0rdI4Ovtmmthb55TGGjE7wXAH3llwzJHOC9q1tg_MY5KoyLG4NN0HKFTXyXuwKGZeCyQ5jYyszIhi1pWGJ73kP9F58TdeijmUAWsybeJQsA7Jo5nRlumy3wBsRAoZux3FIM8sg5q1IEHumans are not robots that can be programmed to work 24/7, Mariana Vieira sets herself apart from the rest by not just providing study tips, but also how to maintain them. Especially as she also juggles a full-time job, Mariana posts about indispensable skills students would need to thrive. Her organizational tips don’t just apply to your planner, but to your mind as well. She regularly posts videos about how to stop procrastinating and overthinking, as well as tips on how to use Notion (a popular note-taking software) to your advantage.

Study to Success

It’s in the name!

Living up to her namesake, Estella Waczewki’s YouTube channel gives students the motivation and tips to study to success! She is most well-known for her stationary hauls and her study-with-me videos. Her study-wth-me videos are hugely popular because they are in real-time, so you can have a study buddy throughout your entire study session (and you get to marvel at an amazing desk set-up). Though she does have a lot of stationary content, she also posts videos about digital note-taking and her iPad set-up. She also has a dedicated playlist for SAT and ACT tips, and even interviewed an MIT student to get the best tips to get into an Ivy League college.

“If you want to make your study sessions more effective or find the best study apps, he’s your guy”

Thomas Frank

A true college info geek

uAXilWTFjUctinyO82ZMuEovnFV1ZKqHr4jWgtu_qNMx7KzAquAsaLVEw3pVHnbVvRSpw2GQfL0V3VNQPMSZEaZAW-ASPjSCZNMVUmNz7lFfLiTarnAwnd8TqD4V9dyff9M_Y0l-n6dwrr0VDzl6xhEThis creator is one of the most popular studytubers on the platform. With over 2 million subscribers, his content helps his subscribers learn about the best scientifically-proven study methods such as the Feynman Technique, Spaced Repetition and many others to help you study smarter, and not harder. If you want to make your study sessions more effective or find the best study apps, he’s your guy. Similarly to Mariana’s Corner, he also creates Notion tutorials and free Notion templates. Thomas has also created a website called Study Info Geek to share his experiences about getting the most out of college and a podcast with his friend Martin Boehme called “The Inforium”.

Feel more motivated now? YouTube helps provide accessible materials to students all around the world and helps ease the stress and worries that come with being a student. Whether you want to get into Notion with Thomas and Mariana, have a study buddy in Estella, or get a realistic look into college life with Yoora and Jasmine, you can always find something right for you.

However, this process can still feel daunting to students that do not have the right support. At Millie, we provide you with the services and products that fit the journey you want to follow and help you with not only your academics but your career too. Book a free consultation with us and if you would like to try your hand at StudyTubing, see our guide to starting your own YouTube channel here.