Why be a Millie industry mentor

Be a role model for those following in your footsteps.

All highschool students face a bewildering choice of majors, universities and careers ahead of them, but international school students might not be studying the school curriculum native to their country and will be more likely to move countries to complete their studies. So their education path is often not straightforward, and they really value advice from those who have made those choices ahead of them and have practical experience to share.

So, what does mentoring for Millie actually entail? If you join us as a volunteer, you might be giving a live online careers advice seminar to a highschool class in Doha or joining the panel of one of our regular webinars to discuss a specific major subject.

Our experienced team is here to provide training and support to get your started as an industry mentor, and you'll have the opportunity to network with other academic mentors who have studied and worked at the world's best institutions.

Mentoring with us is simple because you can do everything from home, as our service are all 100% online, and we try as hard as we can to fit around your already busy schedule.

If you are interested in becoming an industry mentor, please drop us an email at hello@milliegroup.com
Our industry mentors

Cecilia Liu

Industry mentor, Art & Design

I wish I had a big sister or brother growing up, but I never did. Millie is really who they say they are, the siblings you never had who’s there to guide you through tough decisions.

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Zain Qazi

Industry mentor, Technology

The experience of talking to high-school students and sharing the lessons I had learned over many years was fulfilling. Sharing my lessons gave me a new appreciation for my experiences.

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Tiril Høye Rahn

Industry mentor, International Relations

Mentoring at Millie gave me the opportunity to not only elevate students from across the globe within international relations, but also meet other mentors from all walks of life adding new perspectives to my own experiences.

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