Stefano Battiato

Academic Mentor

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Stefano Battiato

Academic Mentor

Having won the highest award at the Harvard Model Congress Europe twice, Stefano’s focus lies on essay-writing and test-taking skills.

"Stefano recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Comparative Politics with a specialism in Comparative Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Before embarking on his Master's journey, Stefano earned an LLB in Laws from LSE. His professional experiences include time at McLarty International, a political consulting firm in Washington DC, and working with the Finance Committee of the Italian Lower Chamber.

Drawing from seven years of competitive debate experience, Stefano brings a robust set of skills to his teaching. He has twice won the highest award at the Harvard Model Congress Europe and led his debate team to two consecutive undefeated years as president. These achievements underline his focus on honing students' essay-writing and test-taking skills.

Stefano is dedicated to finding personalized strategies to help students express their ideas and talents effectively. Whether you need assistance with IB level courses or university exams, he aims to not only help you develop your arguments but also teaches effective tricks to enhance your persuasion skills and set your answers apart from the rest. Stefano's ultimate goal is to boost your confidence and ensure your success in your academic journey.

Stefano, a resident of Italy, France, and the UK, is an avid football player, equestrian, and enjoys playing pen and paper or tabletop games with friends in his spare time."


London School of Economics and Political Science, American School of Paris


English, Italian, French