Oscar Peimbert

High School Intern

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Oscar Peimbert

High School Intern

Oscar's hobbies include a passion creation of digital content; he has his own Podcast and he's skilled in other social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Oscar Peimbert is currently studying in Cambridge, En- gland where he received a partial scholarship due to his academic performance. Originally from Mexico, he pre- viously lived in the US (Houston, Texas), before heading back to Mexico for a few years and eventually finding his way to Cambridge.

Along his life, Oscar has won multiple awards in public speaking, being fluent in Spanish and having achieved the highest level of Proficiency in En- glish. In future, Oscar sees himself as a business owner and right now he is passionate about the impact of social media and branding in industries.

His hobbies include a passion for soccer and many other sports, and creation of digital content, which he has experience thanks to his Podcast and other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Oscar is interning in Digital Media and Branding.


CATS Cambridge


English, Spanish