Aroun Kalyana

Academic Mentor, University Guidance Coach

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Aroun Kalyana

Academic Mentor, University Guidance Coach

Aroun is a medical student at the University of Cambridge, UK and has been helping international and home students alike ace their academics and get into their dream university.

"Aroun, a 2020 high school graduate with 44 points in the IB, is now pursuing medical studies at the University of Cambridge, UK. Over the years, he has guided both international and domestic students to excel academically and secure admission to their dream universities.

His expertise lies in three key areas: university admissions, particularly for medicine including the BMAT and UCAT admissions tests; admissions interviews, specifically for medicine and Oxbridge applicants; and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Aroun's track record of tutoring international students over the past few years demonstrates his proficiency in guiding them towards their goals, while simultaneously enhancing their English language skills.

Passionate about unlocking students' potential, Aroun derives pleasure in helping students excel in their university admissions. He consistently strives to ensure that learning remains enjoyable throughout their academic journey. Aroun looks forward to aiding you in achieving your academic and life objectives.

Beyond the realm of academia, Aroun finds joy in swimming, cooking, and exploring diverse cuisines. An enthusiastic traveler, he actively participates in a variety of cultural and sporting societies at his university.”


University of Cambridge


English, Spanish