Alice Lee

University Guidance Coach, Academic Mentor

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Alice Lee

University Guidance Coach, Academic Mentor

Alice is passionate about mental health & helping students reach their full potential. She has 4 years experience tutoring in South Korea.

Meet Alice, a dynamic psychologist and educator with a passion for mental health and student success. Alice began her academic journey at Dartmouth College, graduating with Honors in Psychology in 2014.

She accumulated over four years of experience in the psychology industry in New York before advancing her studies. She is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Counseling Psychology at the University of Maryland College Park.

Alongside her industry experience, Alice also contributed her expertise to psychology laboratories at prestigious institutions like Harvard Medical School and Boston University, prior to her doctoral program.

Her dedication extends beyond academia; Alice has honed her teaching skills over four years, focusing on ACT & AP instruction and college admission counseling in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. Her commitment to helping students reach their full potential is evident in her work.

Outside her professional and academic life, Alice enjoys sharing her experiences of studying abroad and living in the US. She does this through her Korean YouTube channel, @ HappyAlice, where she provides insights into her journey for a global audience.


Dartmouth College, University of Maryland College Park


English, Korean