About us

We can make achieving your academic and career goals easier, stress free and fun.

The education industry needs modernizing. Learning should be a collaborative experience, encourage curiosity, and be tailored to a student's needs.

In 2016, Jenna and Ariel sat in a cafe in Hong Kong, and shared their dreams about making education more enjoyable. They were frustrated that despite our digital world, there are no real communities online where 5.1 million international school students are motivated to engage actively with each other.

Based on their own experiences, they decided to find a way to demystify the career and major exploration process, find a way to work with students holistically – rather than just help them pass exams – and to guide them and their parents make more informed decisions.

In 2018, Jenna met Giuseppe. Like Jenna and Ariel, Giuseppe is a huge believer in life-long learning and self-development. While Jenna and Giuseppe were completing their MBA at Columbia University and London Business School, they talked incessantly about building a global business that would have a social impact.

The conversations naturally converged around education and, in 2019, Millie was born.

Dedicated team

Hi, we are Millie

We have life experience and work experience. Many of us have travelled the world. Although we love teaching and mentoring, we also have hobbies and passions that make us who we are.

What we do

Addressing the un-met needs of 10,000 international schools

From the outside in, it looks as if the world is everyone's oyster. But we know you maybe suffering from the biggest choice paralysis about the future after high school.

You maybe going to one of very few international schools in your city, but globally, there are 5.1 million students enrolled in international schools. What's more, the number of international schools is going to almost double within the next decade.

Your concern of not knowing who to turn to when you are in the British curriculum preparing for US universities, or in the IB curriculum interested in a career in Hong Kong is not yours alone.

We decided to build a platform dedicated to this underserved community. We are doing so by being destination- and curriculum-agnostic, and breaking boundaries such as language, ethinicity, and you name it - using technology, and connecting top mentors and peers from around the world. We act as the big brother & big sister for students in need of academic, major, and career help.