Why be a Millie mentor

Be an academic role model for those following in your footsteps.

All highschool students face a bewildering choice of majors, universities and careers ahead of them, but international school students might not be studying the school curriculum native to their country and be more likely to move countries to complete their studies. So their education path is often not straightforward. and they really value advice from those who have made those choices ahead of them and have practical experience to share.

So, what does mentoring for Millie actually entail? If you join us a volunteer you might be giving a live online careers advice seminar to a highschool class in Doha, or joining the panel of one of our regular webinars to discuss a specific major subject. We also have paid positions, teaching our online course programme.

Our experienced team is here to provide training and support to get your started as a mentor and you'll have the opportunitiy to network with other academic mentors who have studied and worked at the world's best institutions.

Mentoring with us is simple because can do everything from home, as our service are all 100% online and we try as hard as we can to fit around your already busy schedule.

What we look for in a Millie Mentor

A full life experience

A breadth of academic study, travel and an interesting career will make you a great Millie mentor. We look for people who can inspire beyong academic boundaries.


For our academic mentors, who teach the paid courses in our programme, you need to be passionate about education and enjoy sharing your knowledge. You will have an excellent academic record, with a high grade/score average if you are still studying, or have graduated from a top university in your subject area. 3+ years’ tutoring experience in your chosen test / curriculum would also be an advantage.


You are quick and enthusiastic to adapt to new communication tools and multi-way communication (across our online platforms, google calendar, zoom for video sessions, etc.). You are able to engage with your students outside of formal sessions (on WhatsApp, Instagram, Kakao – you name it!).


You have gone to an international high school, or college to another country, or have significant work or living experience abroad.

Dedicated team

Hi, we are Millie

Millie is all about our mentors, because students are inspired to develop their passions by great teachers. Ours have both life experience and work experience. Many of us have travelled the world and we all have hobbies and passions that make us who we are.