Why be a Millie mentor

Be an academic role model for someone following in your footsteps.

With Millie, you will have flexible and impactful work to do with our team of academic mentors from all across the world.

Our experienced team is here to provide training and support to get your started as a mentor, and you'll have the opportunitiy to network with other academic mentors who have studied and worked at the world's best institutions.

What we look for in a Millie Mentor

Full of life experience

Imagine a learning platform that’s as interactive as Instagram. Developed at Columbia Business School and London Business School, Millie brings tech to you so that learning feels as comfortable as chatting over coffee.


You are passionate about education and enjoy teaching. You demonstrate competence with your scores as you are in the 95th percentile or above in the chosen test / curriculum, or have graduated from a top university in the area you teach, or have 3+ years’ tutoring experience in the chosen test / curriculum.


You are quick and enthusiastic to adapt to new communication tools and multi-way communication (across our online platforms, google calendar, zoom for video sessions, etc.). You are able to engage with your students outside of formal sessions (on WhatsApp, Instagram, Kakao – you name it!).


You have gone to an international high school, or college to another country, or have significant work or living experience abroad.