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Millie's Guide to Public Speaking II

Millie's Guide to Public Speaking II

How and why do I get nervous about public speaking?

Are there any technical tips and structure I can follow to enhance my speaking ability? What are some differences to keep in mind when presenting in person, on the computer, and over the phone? And how do I record a terrific video?

The answers to all your questions are finally here! There's nothing for you to prepare. Come listen in. Parents are more than welcome!

Meet our host

Shane Nebbia is currently a Vice President, Marketing and Communications at J.P. Morgan (since 2021). Prior to this, she held various positions including Public Speaking & Storytelling Coach at From Sweating to Storytelling (since 2020) and Corporate Events Manager at GDS Group (2015-17). She pursued her Bachelor of Arts, Communication, Spanish Language & Certificate of International Studies at the University of Tampa (2014). Shane Nebbia is based in San Diego, California, United States.