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Millie's Guide to Public Speaking

Millie's Guide to Public Speaking

How and why do I get nervous about public speaking?

Are there any technical tips and structure I can follow to enhance my speaking ability? What are some differences to keep in mind when presenting in person, on the computer, and over the phone? And how do I record a terrific video?

The answers to all your questions are finally here! There's nothing for you to prepare. Come listen in. Parents are more than welcome!

Meet our host:

Giacomo Sproccati is currently a Program Coordinator at Florida State University International Programs (since 2020). Prior to this, he held various positions including President Firenze Toastmasters at Toastmasters International (2020-21), Student Life and Development Advisor at Florence University of Arts (2019), Teacher of English at Associazione Culturale Lingue Nel Monda (2017) and English Corner (2016-17), X Trainer at TEDxCSLUB (2016), Communications Intern at Center for Career Services and Professional Education (2014), Communications Manager Assistant and Chaperon for Model United Nations. He pursued his Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, Communications at John Cabot University (2015), Master of Arts, Italian Studies at California State University (2019) and is currently pursuing his Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication at Minnesota State University. Giacomo is based in Florence, Tuscany, Italy.