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Millie's Guide to Journalism Major (US)

Millie's Guide to Journalism Major (US)

Would you like to share the news that nobody knows yet with the world?

“Journalists graduate with a wide variety of highly transferable skills, more so than many other graduates. Even if you choose to enter another career, you’ll be doing so with high levels of teamwork and solo working experience, along with talent in communication, presentation, analytics, and research.”

If you've ever dreamed about accessing news nobody knows yet, networking with highly influential and (at times) notorious people, and traveling around the world for organizations and people that want you to cover an event, journalism might be the right major for you.

There's nothing for you to prepare. Come listen in. Parents are more than welcome!

Meet our host

Justine Creteur is currently a Political Affairs Intern at The Borgen Project (since 2021). Prior to this, she held various positions including Business Development Analyst (since 2020), Managing Editor at NYU Journal of Political Inquiry (since 2020), Marketing and Public Relations Intern at Human Growth Foundation (2020), Editorial Intern at France-Amerique (2018), Reporter at USC Annenberg Media (2017-18), Student Reporter at The School of New York Times (2016) and Shadow Intern at New York Daily News (2015). She pursued her Bachelor's degree, Journalism and International Relations at the University of Southern California (2018), Bachelor's degree, Journalism and Politics double-major, pre-law at New York University (2021) and is currently pursuing her Master's degree, International Law and Legal Studies (2022). Justine is based in New York City, New York, United States.