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Millie's Guide to High School Internships

Millie's Guide to High School Internships

Seems like everybody’s doing one, but what does an internship look like for a high schooler?

What are you expected to do and how do you get one? The answers to all your questions are finally here! Tune into our webinar to find out more about high school internships.

There's nothing for you to prepare. Come listen in. Parents are more than welcome!

Meet our host

Aryav Bothra is currently attending Oswego East High School (2022). Alongside attending high school, he has held various positions including Chief Executive Officer at The Teen Trillionaire (since 2020), Summer Research Intern at the University of Illinois Chicago (since 2021), Director of Finance at Project Exchange (since 2020) and Business Intern at Gemexi (2020). Aryav is based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.