Millie Supercharge gives you dedicated counseling support, fully integrated with your school programme.

From our global network, we create your dream team—the people who guide your students to the world's leading schools, careers, and lifestyles.

Depending on the number of students that need admissions guidance counselling & academic mentoring and their needs, Millie designs customized packages for standard or tailored support.

Through a comprehensive assessment of the student body and conversations with the relevant stakeholders across academic staff and parents, our experienced counsellors guide the students throughout their journeys.

Our offering

On our one-stop platform, educators,
students and Millie are part of the same team.

The power of Millie’s global network of mentors at your disposal.

Our Supercharge package includes all Launchpad and Jumpstart resources, plus:

  • Unlimited on-demand consultations
  • One-on-one student counselling support
Unlimited on-demand consultations

By outsourcing your counselling needs to Millie, you access top talent who will share best practices based on our experience guiding students globally. You also have access to unlimited one-on-one consultations with Millie, across all college admission and exam preparation topics, including:

  • Early app preparation, to-do before / at the start of the year
  • Early app troubleshooting (Oxbridge final check, US early app prep)
  • Regular app final check
  • Offer, decision, appeal
Student Counselling Support

Collectively, our team has gained guidance experience in some of the most competitive and academically rigorous places in the world, such as the US (New York City) and Asia (Hong Kong, Korea and Mainland China).

Our student counselling support ranges from covering a select number of students to a whole class (ca. 30 people) at a cost lower than hiring an extra designated counselor.

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