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Did you know students who study SAT for 20 hours score 115pts higher?

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According to the study done on 250,000+ test takers, those who studied SAT 20 hours or more prior to test is associated with an average score gain of 115 points.

Let's learn smart with Millie!

  • Expert guidance from mentors in the global top 100 institutions
  • Proven track record with visible score improvement post INTRO and INTENSIVE Group Courses
  • Student progress centrally tracked in our online learning platform
  • Learn and improve in the comfort of your own home!

We are that extra motivation you needed to sit down and prepare for your upcoming test.

Meet Jack

Follow a typical millie student's sat journey

Meet Jack

Follow a typical millie student's sat journey

Month 1

Take Millie SAT Diagnostic Test

Having zero experience with the SAT test, Jack decided to join the diagnostic test to see how he does.

Month 1-2

Enroll for the SAT INTRO Group Course

Jack scored 1120 in his diagnostic test. Based on his score, he decided to enroll in the 5-week Millie’s SAT INTRO Group Class, which is designed for students who are beginners like Jack, and scored below 1200

Month 3

Take another Diagnostic Test to check progress

With the INTRO Course, Jack feels that he has a better grasp of the exam content and is more comfortable with some of the exam techniques. He attempted another diagnostic test and scored 1250 this time.

Month 3-4

Enroll for the SAT INTENSIVE Group Course

Jack decides to further his SAT study with the 8-week Millie’s SAT INTENSIVE Course.

Month 5

Take the official SAT exam

After going through more advanced lesson content with his mentors and classmates and working on practice questions extensively, Jack feels ready for the actual SAT exam!

Month 6

Achieved desired SAT score!

After a total of 13 weeks studying for the SAT with our Millie mentors, Jack is confident about his performance. And HE DID IT!! He obtained over 1400 in his SAT exam and is ready to send this set of scores to his dream universities!

Hear more from our students and parents

Kassandra B

Current Student at ACS Doha

I was very happy with my course experience and is particularly fond of how the homework is being assigned by the Millie mentors; the mentors always inquire with the students to see what topics they would like to practise more and assign homework focusing on their weaker areas.

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Eman Abdulaziz

Mother of a current Millie and ACS Doha student

My daughter joined Millie in 2020 firstly for SAT prep and it was a 3 week course. At the time she had no clue what was happening before that course. She found it very helpful and ended up doing another 8-week course, which was very beneficial for her SAT studies. 

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Akshay Atapattu

Former student, attending USC

Millie was extremely committed to my success - meeting me in Hong Kong, and skyping me even on my cruise! Millie also used their vast network and connected me to a former architecture graduate from my top choice program, enhancing my chances of acceptance.

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Nada A

Current Student at ACS Doha

I really enjoyed my SAT group class experience and think that the course helped me build confidence in SAT, especially in the Math section that I am relatively weaker in.

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Stefano Gallina

current student, 11th grade in an int'l school in Italy

Millie has paved the way for my academic future: not only am I already working on SAT preparation with a fantasic mentor (there's no one available in my hometown!) and I am only in the 9th grade.

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our mentors are from
More questions? We got you

The Millie SAT INTRO course is tailor-made for students who had no prior experiences in taking the SAT. We also recommend Grade 10 students to start from the INTRO course to build their foundational knowledge of the SAT. For more experienced students, or those who have achieved over 1200 in their Millie SAT Diagnostic Test, we would suggest for them to take the INTENSIVE to further hone their test-taking skills and speed.

We record all classes and share the recordings with our students for their reference via our online learning tool. You won’t miss a thing from class!

Of course! You may access our 2023 course schedule here.

Yes we do offer 1:1 programs. Our 1:1 SAT mentoring programs are offered on a monthly module basis. Students usually choose to enroll in one of the below class setups:

  • 8 classes per month, with two classes a week
  • 12 classes per month, with three classes a week

For students who are new to preparing for the SAT, usually they will be ready to take the official exam after studying 3-4 modules with us.

If you are interested in the 1:1 program, click here.

Millie offers free online monthly SAT Diagnostic Test for all students to join. In the comfort of your own home, you may experience a full length SAT test with students from all over the world! Upon attending our feedback session after the test, you will receive your test scores and be able to compare your results against other students who took the same seating as you.

Through the diagnostic test, you will have a better idea as to which area in the English and Math sections you would need assistance on. All of our SAT group class and 1:1 class students would have already taken the diagnostic test before enrolling, and the course materials are designed based on the relative strengths and weaknesses that the students displayed in the diagnostic!

Shoot us an email at to inquire about our next available SAT Diagnostic Test Date!

We offer SAT group classes in the summer as well. Please check out our course dates here and select the course that best suits your summer schedule.

It is true that many universities are going test optional, but it is important to understand that they are not “test blind”. They will still review students’ SAT scores if submitted and statistics showed that the admission rate for students who submitted the test scores can be twice as high as those without*.

*Selingo, Jeffrey. Who Gets In and Why. Scribner, 2020.

SAT is one of the most internationally recognized standardized tests and will give you a wide variety of universities around the world to apply to. Apart from US colleges, universities in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia etc. allow students to report their SAT scores as supplemental materials for their applications.

Given that the validity period of SAT is 2 years, your SAT scores could still be valid by the time you apply for university, depending on when you are planning on taking the test and submitting your university application (for instance, if you plan to take the December 2022 test and submit your US university application by November 1 2024 to catch the early app round, then your score will remain valid and you can also take the SAT under the current format).

However, if you don’t have enough time to prepare for the test before the end of 2022, we recommend you study for and take the new SAT in 2023 / 2024 instead.

You are correct. The Collegeboard will be rolling out the computerized SAT format to international students at the start of 2023 and to US students in 2024. Before you freak out, the good news is universities know how to handle and compare scores in times of test format changes, so you won't be penalized for taking the old tests. At Millie, we recommend class of 2023 - 2025 students to take the SAT prior to the format change (timing may vary based on where you live) so that the new test format won't surprise you.

Our INTRO courses are offered in 2-week and 5-week durations.

  • 2-Week Course: Classes are conducted everyday from Monday through Friday for 2 weeks. 1.5 hours per class, 10 classes in total. Only available during the Easter and Eid breaks.
  • 5-Week Course: Millie’s regular group class offering. Classes are conducted 2 times a week for 5 weeks. 1.5 hours per class, 10 classes in total.

You can certainly attend only the math portion of the group course, but our recommendation would be 1-1 courses in this case.

SAT Resources

New to SAT? Check out Millie's free resources

SAT Resources

New to SAT? Check out Millie's free resources

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• Know how to interpret SAT scores
• Get quick tips and tricks on how to score better in your SAT

Blog - 5 tips to acing your SATs

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• Determine which test section you should focus on improving
• Obtain some general test-taking strategies

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