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Millie's Guide to Public Speaking

Millie's Guide to Public Speaking

How and why do I get nervous about public speaking?

Are there any technical tips and structure I can follow to enhance my speaking ability? What are some differences to keep in mind when presenting in person, on the computer, and over the phone? Lastly, any tips on recording a terrific videos?

The answers to all your questions are finally here! Millie, the community for international school students globally, is hosting its webinar series on exciting majors and careers beyond university and this time it is on public speaking for high school students!

There's nothing for you to prepare. Come listen in. Parents are more than welcome!


About the presenter

Giacomo Sproccati is a public speaking enthusiast eager to support you to build the confidence to become a great speaker.

Giacomo earned a dual undergraduate degree in Communication, a Bachelor of Arts in Communications cum laude from John Cabot University and a Laurea Triennale (Italian equivalent of a B.A.) in Communication and Society magna cum laude from the University of Milan. Then, he received his M.A. in Italian Studies from California State University, Long Beach where he wrote his final thesis project on the TED Speaker's use of narratives to construct a sense of national belonging. Giacomo is currently working at Florida State University's branch campus in Florence as Student Life & Health Services Coordinator, and he is also an Adjunct Professor of Italian Language. Giacomo is looking forward to working with you!

When he is not directly involved with students and international education, Giacomo loves sports, mainly yoga, running, and skiing, and he enjoys relaxing in front of a nice Netflix episode with a fine plate of pasta.