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Virtual SAT Diagnostic Tests: Why Do Counsellors Love Them?

Virtual SAT Diagnostic Tests: Why Do Counsellors Love Them?

Participating in SAT practice in a virtual, regulated setting and reflecting on their scores can significantly enhance students' SAT performance.

Since brainstorming the idea of virtual SAT Diagnostic Tests with a counselor from a partner school in Doha in October 2020, we have incorporated them into our free offerings for international school students. Today, students from over 250 international schools across more than 60 countries take them monthly, and these numbers are growing rapidly.

The popularity among students is easy to understand. By taking our mock test (a simulation of the entire exam, excluding the essay part), students get a feel for what it's like to take the test alongside other students in a proctored and timed environment. After the test, they receive a report with a total score and a breakdown of their performance in each section. They are also invited to an interactive feedback session, during which we review the test and interpret the results, and they can ask any questions. Students access all of this free of charge and from the comfort of their homes!

"Our test makes it easy for counselors to suggest that students measure themselves and then decide on the next steps based on the score."

There are at least three reasons why counselors appreciate our support with SAT Diagnostic Tests:

  1. SATs remain important - Despite the decrease in the popularity of testing, counselors understand that for international students considering US universities—and an increasing number of top global universities—a good SAT score is a crucial part of their application. Our test makes it easy for counselors to recommend that students gauge themselves and then determine the next steps based on their score.
  2. Data and insights - Counselors gain access, via the unique Millie platform, to an aggregated report with scores of their students across all diagnostics they have taken with us. Furthermore, they can view a school leaderboard for each test, allowing them to position their school on a global map. Our diagnostics are taken by students from leading international schools worldwide, making it an excellent sample against which to measure their students.
  3. Convenience - The process is completely stress-free. After informing students of the upcoming test, we handle the rest. From sharing instructions after students register and answering any questions leading up to the exam, to proctoring the exam itself and notifying students and counselors when results are available; our diagnostics offer counselors specialized assistance in test prep, an area where obtaining quality and transparent support can sometimes be challenging.

We look forward to collaborating with more international schools and positively impacting the futures of international school students. If you are a counselor interested in our free Partner School Program (which includes access to SAT Diagnostic Tests and much more), or if you'd like to introduce this program to your current school or alma mater, learn more on our website or apply here.

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