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Virtual Summer School: The New Reality?

Virtual Summer School: The New Reality?

Let's unpack why virtual summer school is the new reality and what your options are available for your child.

Virtual summer school is the new reality

Online learning has become normality for most of our children over the past year, wherever you live. As parents we’ve had our concerns about whether the lack of face-to-face learning has been detrimental to learning and grades. However, it has found a place within the variety of study methods and looks set to stay.

Virtual summer school explained

The easiest summer school ever. No bags to pack. No dropping off sleepy teenagers at an early hour. Its time and cost efficient. Just a few hours online from the comfort of their own home, with expert tutors offering the personalised approach that one-on-one and small group teaching allows. Just a few hours across a few weeks of summer break can make an incredible difference.

"Just a few hours across a few weeks of summer break can make an incredible difference."

It really is a win-win

We appreciate that after a long school year students need a break from the books, time to relax and explore the wider interests that will make them the happy and rounded people we’d like them to be. However, online learning is best in brief stints, so just a few hours of concentration and they can go back to doing whatever it is they love.

Guiding teenagers through the complexities of high school, to ensure that they land at their dream university can be overwhelming. So, relying on expert support makes sense. Virtual summer school can allow you to relax and know that your child is making the consistent progress they need to reach the next step in their education.

Online tutoring for weak spots

We can’t all be good at everything. One-on-one online tutoring in specific subjects during vacation time is a great way to catch up on any areas where a student is behind. Just two hours a week of high-quality focused study with a great teacher, when they are not tired from school can be enough to improve grades.

Admissions support

If your child is going to need support with admissions essays for 2022, there is no time that’s too early to start! Online tutoring for essays is really effective, with students outlining their admissions strategy with their tutor, then submitting draft essays, on which they receive expert feedback, enabling them to produce a polished and relevant end result.

"If your child has ambitions that take them to a US university, good SAT scores are essential."

Improving SAT Scores is simple

If your child has ambitions that take them to a US university, good SAT scores are, of course, essential. Online study works well for consolidating learning and SAT Diagnostic tests – timed, live test papers - are a great way to see where they are. Paired with expert guidance and personalised feedback, this is a tried and tested way to keep improving their scores.

Online learning the Millie way

The Millie approach to online learning is to work in small groups or one-one, enabling us to take a holistic approach and customise our teaching methods to suit the students. Our Millie mentors are inspiring educators with life experience who know how to bring out the best in every student. We’re an online-first education company and we’ve crafted our skills to get the best out of students in the online environment, using our unique online platform to keep them on track.

If you’d like to set up your child for success next year, book them onto the Millie Summer School Courses – SAT Intro (start dates June 29 and July 20), or SAT Intensive (start date June 28) , or book an online chat to discuss your child’s needs with one of our friendly mentors here.