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Meet Ritvik: Milile Class of 2021

Meet Ritvik: Milile Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 has undoubtedly been one of the most resilient and persevering due to the circumstances from the COVID-19 pandemic. From virtual classrooms to graduation, we’re proud to acknowledge all the hard work that’s gone into our grads’ achievements!

Today’s feature is our Millie graduate, Ritvik Khunara, was accepted to the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Computer Science program with scholarships after completing his final year of high school during COVID-19! We’re thrilled to celebrate Ritvik’s acceptance to UBC and learn more about last year and what is up ahead.

Millie (M): Congratulations on graduating! Which university will you be attending & what are you studying?

Ritvik Khunara (R): I’m thrilled to be heading to University of British Columbia to pursue Computer Science!

M: Is there anything you’re most looking forward to?

R: Personally, I’m looking forward to Canada’s cold weather, since I’ve been living in warm countries like Thailand and India my entire life.

M: I think a lot of our readers in Canada and the United Kingdom would laugh at that, they probably wish they could live in the warmth! So aside from the climate, you’re going to UBC to study Computer Science. It's certainly becoming a more and more popular major amongst students. What interests you most about computer science specifically?

R: Well, I gain a lot of personal satisfaction through automating processes. Something about speeding up processes brings me a lot of joy as it enables me to make life easier for others, whilst also using my affinity towards problem solving.

"Something about speeding up processes brings me a lot of joy as it enables me to make life easier for others..."

M: That is so nice to hear, we certainly look forward to you solving more problems for all of us online. Now, let’s think back a bit - what’s your favorite memory from high school?

R: I think my favorite high school memory would be the residential trips. Residential trips are school-organized excursions that typically happen once a year, with its duration and location depending on your grade. It’s basically an educational holiday where you get to explore things in perspectives you usually wouldn’t an includes activities like archery, trekking, math quizzes, and a dance on the final night! I was able to use my social and problem solving skills in a practical setting and of course have fun in the process!

M: Taking advantage of those trips is definitely something all students should do! Now, as a Millie alumnus, how did you find Millie mentoring and interning helped you in preparing for applying for UBC?

R: I started interning at Millie last summer, and I feel like doing so really helped refine my technical skills and go beyond what I learned at school. With regards to mentoring, Millie helped me develop and improve my personal statements for universities in HK and the United Kingdom. (Note: Ritvik also received offers from Hong Kong and UK universities)

"I started interning at Millie last summer, and I feel like doing so really helped refine my technical skills and go beyond what I learned at school."

M: That is great to hear, could you tell us a little more about your favourite things about studying with Millie?

R: Everyone at Millie is ambitious and supportive. Plus, all of my interactions, whether it be a mentor or not, have led to positive outcomes that have arisen in the form of assistance with self-introspection or uni acceptances!

M: Haha, glad you noticed. We are certainly an ambitious bunch here. Was there anything else that you want to mention about us that is different from, let’s say, local tutoring companies on the ground?

R: As I mentioned earlier, the Millie community is genuinely supportive, which was something hard to find locally. Tutoring companies here seemed relatively superficial and more oriented towards the goal rather than helping me develop as a person.

M: We are so glad to have worked with you, and excited to see what you do next! Take us to 2030, what’s your goal and what would you be doing?

R: My end goal would be to eventually start my own tech start-up after gathering enough experience through practical work at corporations.

M: That’s very cool! Ritvik, the last question - have you got any advice for next year’s seniors?

R: Don’t procrastinate! I figured out a few ‘hacks’ that helped me overcome this. Using the Pomodoro technique and apps like Forest, as well as working with friends is something worth trying. Obviously, different things work for different people.

"Don't procrastinate!"

M: Thank you Ritvik for all your hard work and for this interview, good luck at UBC!

R: Thank YOU Millie!

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