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Congrats to Millie Class of 2021!

Congrats to Millie Class of 2021!

Congratulations to Millie’s Class of 2021 graduates! Here at Millie, we would like to celebrate all their achievements, hard work and perseverance. If you’re looking for some inspiration in your own journey to university or simply just curious about what other graduates are up to, keep on reading!

As an international school student, you deal with unique problems that aren't covered in most prep books. You are going through a curriculum that your parents may not be familiar with, or you may have to adapt to new curricula every couple of years due to your parents relocating frequently. Although it gives you many opportunities to study and live across countries, this adventurous lifestyle also requires high adaptability from a young age and you might often experience decision paralysis.

Despite these unique challenges, our students from Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Kuwait, and more, have received offers from prestigious global universities such as, the University of Cambridge, Johns Hopkins University, Imperial College London, University of Michigan, Rice University, University of Southern California, UBC, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and many more. We couldn’t be any more proud of this cohort!


We have a few students from the class of 2021, who would like to share their journey with you all, so be prepared to take some notes and learn from their experiences!


Kevin Lee has just started his first semester at the University of Cambridge, studying Mechanical Engineering and he is excited to see where his journey will take him next! We asked about what his favorite part about studying with us was and what stood out to him was “the flexible responses - especially during COVID and online school.” that Millie provided. If you want to hear more on Kelvin’s experience studying with Millie, click here!

“Millie has been very flexible with its responses, especially during COVID and online school.”


Ritvik Khurana, majoring Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, has definitely made the most of his time studying with us! Ritvik says, “everyone at Millie is ambitious and helpful. All of my interactions have led to positive outcomes, such as self-introspection and…university acceptances!” To hear more of what Ritvik has to say, click here to read on his experience with Millie!

“Everyone at Millie is ambitious and helpful!”


Michelle Teh, first year at University College of London, is embarking on her journey to become a lawyer! When asked what her favorite thing about studying with Millie was… drum roll please…her mentors! She added, “my (Millie) mentors gave me very specific and relevant advice about studying law, like school environment and future career paths.” Read more on her experience studying with us here and see what our academic mentors have to offer for students globally here!

“My mentor gave me very specific and relevant advice for all things law!”

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If you are a parent or a high school student interested in what Millie can do to help you take the next step toward your future, book a free consultation with one of our expert guidance coaches. We are great at helping students work out what their future success looks like and breaking down the steps to get there, our mentoring programs as early as in grade 9!

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