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Happy New Year from Millie

Happy New Year from Millie

Article written by Jenna Ahn, CEO of Millie.

I'll be real. Just like our personal lives had to be adjusted, our plans for Millie for 2020 didn't 100% materialize due to the unexpected circumstances.

However, we did so much more than just surviving 2020.

We hosted 106 online workshops where 100+ industry mentors dedicated their time to share their experiences and expertise. All of them are world class, and most of them did so pro bono.

We plan on introducing more exciting topics such as entrepreneurship and sports careers in 2021.

More than 2,000 students learned about what it means to be working in their dream job, studying in their dream major, and going to their dream university. Thanks to all those mentors I mentioned above (if you are reading this, thank YOU!).

We want to reach minimum 10,000 students in 2021.

Our online SAT diagnostic tests were a big hit. Since its inception in October, we have hosted more than 200 students, and in the December test alone the students were joining from 8 different countries. I am not sure if PSATs in schools will be back on in 2021 (hybrid learning for school doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon), but if they are canceled, you know that you've got Millie on your side.

Our first test of 2021 will be on January 23. I didn't want to make this email a pep talk, but if you are a Grade 11 and haven't signed up to the January diagnostic yet, STOP READING THIS EMAIL AND GO SIGN UP NOW.

Perhaps what's less known is that we also had incredible cohorts of interns in 2020. 25 super star high school, university, and grad school students interned at Millie from around the world. All virtually.

In 2021, we will have our first PhD intern, and are welcoming 15 new interns as of next week.

TL;DR. I guess what I am trying to say is that whether you are a mentor, student, parent, intern, or an acquaintance of Millie, YOU made Millie happen in 2020, and thank you for doing that. We look forward to seeing more of you in our social channels (stalk us), online workshops, in class, in school events, and maybe in real life as well.

Happy New Year. 2021 is gonna be a great year.

Best regards,
Jenna on behalf of Team Millie