Why Millie

15 Mar 2023

Meet the Team: Yadavi’s Story

Hi, I’m Yadavi from Millie! I worked as a summer intern and am now a content writer producing some of the articles you’ve read on our website.

Why Millie

10 Jan 2022

Congrats to Millie Class of 2021!

Congratulations to Millie’s Class of 2021 graduates! Here at Millie, we would like to celebrate all their achievements, hard work and perseverance. If you’re looking for some inspiration in your own journey to university or simply just curious about what other graduates are up to, keep on reading!

Why Millie

24 Aug 2021

Meet Ritvik: Milile Class of 2021

We meet with a former Millie student and Tech Intern Ritvik Khunara, a member of the Class of 2021 who has persevered through the COVID-19 pandemic to be accepted to the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Computer Science program!