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6 Most Unique Undergraduate Courses in the UK

6 Most Unique Undergraduate Courses in the UK

Ever wanted to study Surf Science, Ethical Hacking, or another course that's out of the ordinary? Everyone knows the usual majors such as Economics, Biomedicine, Literature, and Engineering, and while there are many combinations of these familiar degrees across universities in the UK, there are also courses that are truly one-of-a-kind. Read on to find out more about six of the most unique undergraduate majors in the UK!

Surf Science and Technology - University of Plymouth


When you think of the UK, surfing is not usually what comes to mind. However, if you're a surfer at heart and want to study the science behind catching those waves, Plymouth University's Surf Science degree might be for you! Plymouth is a port city in Devon, Southwest England. The course itself is taught at Cornwall College (a part of Plymouth University), located right next to the sea - the perfect location for both studying and participating in surfing! Here’s a bit more about this unique degree:

Surf Science and Technology

  • Entry Requirements: 48 UCAS points from AS and A-Levels (minimum 32 points must be at A2-Level) or relevant Level 3 qualification
  • Key Modules: Culture of Surf and Sport, Surf Practice, Physical and Geographical Influences on Surfing and Surf Business
  • Added Bonus: Possibility of taking an optional 10-day fieldwork trip to the West Coast of France and Spain!

Find out more about the course here.

Ethical Hacking - University of Abertay



Usually, when you think of hacking, you imagine someone sitting in a dark room wearing a hoodie, surrounded by computers with numbers and letters rushing across their screens, probably doing something illegal, right? Well, not anymore!

At the University of Abertay, you can study Ethical Hacking! Abertay is situated in Dundee, Scotland, with 4,220 students, of whom 800 are international, making it a relatively small university. The demand for Ethical Hackers is rising dramatically due to the growing need for more rigorous cybersecurity. In this course, you'll learn how hackers access security systems and what the best defenses are to stop them.

“The demand for Ethical Hackers is rising dramatically due to the growing need for more rigorous cybersecurity”

Ethical Hacking

  • Entry Requirements:
    • IB: 29 points overall including one of the following at Higher Level: Computer Science, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography, Physics
    • A-Levels: BCC including one from Computer Science, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography, Physics
    • AP: 4, 3, 3 with a minimum High School GPA of 3.0
  • Key Modules: Computer Networking, Introduction to Security, Programming with C++, Software Design, and Computer Hardware Architecture and Operating Systems
  • Added Bonus: The course received a 94% Overall Student Satisfaction rating (2020 National Student Survey) and was the first course of its kind in the world!

Find more about the course here.

Horology - Birmingham City University


If you’ve ever wanted to devote your time to... well, time, Birmingham City has got you covered with their Horology course! The university is situated in the city of Birmingham in the West Midlands region of England, with over 48,500 students, of whom 24,500 are international. As the study of the measurement of time, Horology is often described as both an art and a science. With this course, you’ll learn aspects of both, from the history of Horology through the modern era to design and manufacturing in the Horology industry. Here’s a bit more about the course in depth:


  • Entry Requirements:
    • IB: 28 points overall
    • A-Levels: minimum 2 A-Levels
    • AP: 3, 3, 3 or above with a minimum High School GPA of 2.6
  • Key Modules: Introduction to Horology, Production Techniques, Specialist Horological Skills and Introduction to Gemmology (the study of gems in jewellery)
  • Added Bonus: Students from the degree have gone on to work in high-end luxury brands such as Cartier UK and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy!

Find out more about the course here.

Viticulture and Oenology - Plumpton College


While many university students enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink, how cool would it be to actually grow and make your own wine? With Plumpton College's Viticulture and Oenology course, you can do just that! The college is located in South East England and specializes in land-based courses. The degree will give you the chance to study vine growing and winemaking, with independent research in your final year. And just think, how great would it be if your homework assignment were to make wine while your roommate spends hours on their dissertation? Here’s a bit more about the course:

Viticulture and Oenology

  • Entry Requirements:
    • IB: 26 points
    • A-Levels: BBC
    • Alternative International Qualification
  • Key Modules: Vineyard Establishment, Fundamentals of Wine Science, Viticulture, Oenology and Wine Sensory Evaluation
  • Added Bonus: If you are a UK national aged between 16 and 18 on the 31st of August in the year you start your course, there are NO tuition fees required at the university!

Find out more about the course here.

Air Transport with Helicopter Pilot Training - Buckinghamshire New University (BNU)


Ever wished you could fly a helicopter? With Buckinghamshire New University's course, you can learn just that and more! Flying a helicopter is an adrenaline-filled, thrilling experience that can also lead to a full-time job one day. Buckinghamshire New University will help you achieve your flying dreams with their UK-leading instructors and state-of-the-art facilities across the campus. The university ranks 141st in the UK and 3067th in the world (Uni123 Rank), with 88% of students in employment or further study 15 months after graduation.

“Flying a helicopter is an adrenaline-filled, thrilling experience that can also lead to a full-time job one day”

Here’s some more information:

Air Transport with Helicopter Pilot Training

  • Entry Requirements:
    • A-Levels: 2 A-Levels with GCSE Maths and English at Grades C/4
    • AP: 3 APs with Grades 3 or above
  • Key Modules: Radio Navigation, Meteorology and Operational Procedures, Aviation Finance and Economics, Airport Operations and Airline Management
  • Added Bonus: BNU is a Placement Plus university, meaning you’ll be sure to find industry-relevant opportunities after your degree!

Find out more about the course here.

Baking Science and Technology - London South Bank University (LSBU)

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Baking Science and Technology

  • Entry Requirements:
    • A-Levels: CCD
    • Alternative International Qualification (including IB and AP)
  • Key Modules: Baking Core Skills, Bread Production and Technology, Chocolate Production, Confectionery & Pastry Production and Applied Baking Chemistry
  • Added Bonus: Being located in the heart of central London’s southern area, you’ll never be short on amazing eating-out options to inspire your culinary senses!

Find out more about the course here.

And that’s all on unique undergraduate majors!

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While some of these majors are extremely niche, they can be fantastic ways to try something new and find what you truly love. And remember, sign up for a free consultation to plan your next steps at university!