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Millie's Guide to Top 5 Tips to Acing Your SATs

Millie's Guide to Top 5 Tips to Acing Your SATs

With exams being cancelled at the moment, you might be wondering why exactly you should even be thinking about the SATs right now – especially as there are multiple SAT dates across the course of the year.

We’re here to say, don’t get complacent! The SATs in June and November are only for students taking the SAT Subject Tests, in other words a small proportion of students. Most students will want to take the regular SAT, which leaves just the August, October, and December dates.
If we then factor in the time it takes to hit early application deadlines, suddenly August and October are the only exam dates remaining for most students this year.
If any positive can be taken from the current situation, it’s that lots of us have more free time and fewer distractions than usual. This makes it an ideal time to get some studying done, plus sorting your SATs now will allow you more free time to focus on extracurricular activities once the quarantine period is over.

Now you know why you should still be taking your SATs seriously, here are our five top tips on how to nail them.

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