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Millie's Guide to Scholarship Opportunities for Central European Students

Millie's Guide to Scholarship Opportunities for Central European Students

Article written and editted by Emma Miklasova
*Disclaimer* Certain information mentioned in this blog is out-of-date, please visit the respective websites for the latest information.

Are you from a Central European country? Do you want to study abroad for university but lack the funds? If you answered “yes” for both questions, this article was made for you!

Going abroad from Central Europe can be difficult and confusing - all the translations, different school systems, choosing your major, standardized testing… On top of that, most of us also worry about getting funding for our studies, since universities abroad can be considerably more expensive than local colleges. Thankfully, there are many great organizations and foundations providing scholarships and study support for Central Europeans!

Bakala Foundation - For Czech studentsNXK45ZvIg2qfz02fp79UdHOaCJYlQe14GfSVnjun_3zBP36PmxBnqBH6AUw17rXpgFCO-yBW609xPy0ig8GUQFY6OPf8tAQ_oTIHlX1dQKfJ52pqe3qngHzhfEAioeyi_Icso72e

The Bakala Foundation is an organization founded by the Bakala family that supports Czech students who want to study abroad. While the application process is highly selective, their scholarship program can support you throughout your studies and give you access to like-minded peers. Applications for the Scholarship 2022 program open on November 16th, 2021, and close on January 18th, 2022. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be Czech citizens or permanent residents, demonstrate financial need, be younger than 34, and complete an online application. The online application includes academic results, extra-curricular activities, a university plan, an essay, and one or two recommendation letters. Applicants must also provide information and documentation about their financial situation. In-person interviews with the most promising candidates will be held in May 2022 in Prague.

Wings Scholarship by Provida - For socially engaged Slovak studentsJMciuutEFhO3BwkUBPSkubm1HBUUx2by00rv8gyyZ-OY51T68-6qbSEOJv4WMLnRr8AkhLWRs3tbkmQ9FJNtfS-zruw9mVfjAnrCDgIgOWo_OZdGZabwntq-REX1n35MnPur2ezt

Provida seeks to support Slovak students admitted to a university abroad who want to participate in solving a social problem. Selection criteria include skills, academic and professional results, social engagement, and personal values. In order to apply, students must send a one-page CV and motivation letter in Slovak via email. The deadline is October 5th and a prize fund of 5,000€ will be distributed among the best candidates.

Reach Oxford - For students from low-income countriestPVAYtS1LnSGcgqnskn1Wt5kr1OhVdEZP2WAvm5yqwR5VJgyu6PnDKJHOiLuTzRbtXR9oGDGeQAyeF6gyTYiR3QPhn3FnzuEssLVhUqkvPqLnSpJc2Kd1WbQhns3S9wsWr3JHtCU

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, offers a wide variety of selective programs, and countless important figures have walked its halls. The Reach Oxford Scholarship founded by the university seeks to support students from low-income countries who face a lack of access to quality education. Every year, two to three students are chosen to receive full scholarships, including tuition, living expenses, and airfares for the entirety of their studies. The best candidates are selected based on their academic abilities, financial need, and social commitment. The list of low-income countries is quite long and it includes Ukraine, as well as various Eastern European countries.

Palgrave Brown Scholarship - For students from Eastern Europe who want to study at the University of Oxford

If your country is not on the list of low-income countries in the Reach Oxford Scholarship, do not despair because the Palgrave Brown Scholarship is here for you. This program includes countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine, as well as many other Eastern European countries. One student who demonstrates financial need and academic merit will be awarded an annual grant of at least £12,985 towards living costs for the entirety of their studies.

Martin Filko Scholarship - For Slovak students interested in a career in public service

The Martin Filko Scholarship , established by the Slovak Ministry of Education, gives selected Slovak students full scholarships, including tuition, living expenses, travel support, and insurance for up to two years. By accepting this award, the student agrees to work in public service for the state for at least three years after graduation. This scholarship, therefore, provides an amazing opportunity for students who are interested in helping Slovakia flourish. The assessment process includes working with data, a CV, a motivation letter, and an interview.

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