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Millie's Guide to International Relations

Millie's Guide to International Relations

"International Relations is an amazing field of study because it gives you a broad picture of the world” - Andrew Nawrocki, Millie Mentor

If you’re interested in history, politics, and the broader social sciences, then studying International Relations provides you with an entry point to many rewarding careers. An education in International Relations teaches you how to communicate, collaborate, and make decisions in sophisticated ways; it’s an education in leadership that translates into success in our global economy and interconnected worldExplore Millie’s Guide to International Relations to find out what you’ll actually study when you study International Relations, how to choose a university that matches your goals, and what types of careers you’ll be able to pursue after graduation.

We’ll teach you what you really need to know before you apply to school, including what to do if you know what you want to major in, and what to do if you don’t. Read this Guide to learn why International Relations is a great education for both people with a strong idea of their future and people who want to stay flexible as they search for their future. You’ll find out how you can prepare to enter a top school now, and you’ll see tips from Andrew on how you can increase your chances of admission.

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