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Millie's Guide to Hotel School

Millie's Guide to Hotel School

"Attending hotel school means learning the art of hospitality."

That’s the art of making a difference in people’s lives, the art of making people feel respected, cared for, and important. In many ways, hospitality serves as the foundation for all business relationships. That’s why hospitality and business go hand in hand. When you attend hotel school, you’ll gain a strong foundation in the fundamentals of business. So, you’ll learn core business skills like economics, financial analysis, and statistics in hotel school, preparing you for a wide range of high-earning jobs in the future.

If this combination of generosity and business success feels meaningful to you, you may be interested in applying to hotel school. What do you need to know before you apply? In this guide, we’ll share insights into what you’ll study at hotel school, how you can increase your chances of admission to a top program, and what career paths will be open to you after graduation. Along the way, you’ll find real insights from Dr. Russell C. Lloyd, a Millie Mentor who served on the admissions committee of Cornell’s School of Business Administration and taught in the School for 11 years. This practical guide will help you understand if hospitality is right for you and what you can do to shape your future now.

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