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Millie's Guide to Engineering School

Millie's Guide to Engineering School

Engineers build things you can see, like bridges, cities, and spacecraft. But engineers also design the invisible systems that power our world. Today, engineers work with molecules, energy, and code.

They solve complex problems for the 21 st century, from how we can protect our environment, to how we can prevent cyberattacks. If you want to use math and science to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, then engineering school is a great place to start.

This Guide to Engineering School helps you choose a major, prepare academically for top engineering schools, and even understand your career path after graduation. We’ll answer tough questions on topics like gender diversity, why students drop out, and the qualities you need to succeed. So, whether you’ve loved taking machines apart since you were a kid, or you’ve only recently developed an interest in building apps, this guide is for you. We’re here to help you gain acceptance to your dream school and discover your potential as an engineer.

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