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Millie's Guide to Architecture School

Millie's Guide to Architecture School

"Being an architect is like being an artist, engineer, and business leader all at once."

That’s because architecture requires you to translate your imagination into reality. At architecture school, you’ll learn how to draw and use software to design buildings, but you’ll also learn the physics and math skills to make your designs structurally sound and safe. You’ll about the role of architecture in making cities and communities stronger and more sustainable. You’ll learn how design affects people, and you’ll learn the collaboration skills to serve society through your work. If this mixture of creative, technical, and social skills sounds exciting to you, then architecture can be an exciting place for you.

In Millie’s Guide to Architecture School, we’ll share what you really need to know before you apply. We’ll explain how you can find the right school for your interests, what you can expect to learn in school, and how you can prepare to enter a top school now. We’ll highlight the major differences that define architecture schools in the U.S. We’ll share the three big qualities of all architecture schools. And we’ll tell you how you can write a stronger personal statement on your application. This guide includes insights from architects who have graduated from top programs, including The Cooper Union, Yale University, and the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Read on to discover whether architecture is the right path for you.

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