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Five UK StudyTubers You Should Be Watching!

Five UK StudyTubers You Should Be Watching!

Article written by Christy Lorentz

Does this look like you? (No judgment, it happens to the best of us!)

If so, you might be surprised to find out that YouTube’s studying community can be your go-to corner of the internet for some much-needed motivation! In no particular order, here are five UK StudyTubers you should be watching:

Ruby Granger

Hermione Granger IRL

An English Literature student at the University of Exeter, Ruby posts videos about her final year, top study tips, and highly-productive study sessions -- essentially the bread and butter of StudyTube content. Ruby’s channel also celebrates her passion for fashion, all things Victorian, and anti-bullying awareness. Having shared her own experiences with bullying, Ruby reminds viewers that we all #canbekind. Oh, and her channel name is indeed a nod to Hermione Granger, the Potterverse’s resident bookworm -- all the more to love!

UnJaded Jade

Anything but jaded

Anything but jaded, Jade Bowler produces content about academia, university, and self growth. Currently completing her undergraduate studies in Neuroscience and Business in seven countries (yes, you read that right), Jade documents her cross-continental university adventures -- most recently in Seoul, South Korea and Berlin, Germany -- on her channel. An avid proponent of #casualmagic, Jade encourages viewers to notice and appreciate the magic in the mundane. If you are thinking of taking a gap year, peruse through Jade’s older interrailing vlogs, Australia travel vlogs, and gap year playlist for some inspiration.

Jack Edwards

A jack of all trades and master of puns

An English Literature graduate from Durham University, Jack Edwards is sometimes referred to as YouTube’s resident librarian — and for good reason. Building off of his back catalog of GCSE and A Level revision tips, university vlogs, and honest chats about rejection, Jack films pun-filled videos about books and reviews of pop culture through a literary lens as he seeks to put his stamp on the publishing industry. If you enjoy reading, contemporary culture, and dad jokes, this jack of all trades and master of puns’ (see what we did there?) channel is just the thing for you.

Vee Kativhu

“I don’t wanna hear it.”

With both Oxford and Harvard on her resume, Varaidzo “Vee” Kativhu is the StudyTuber to go to for insights on attending prestigious universities in the UK and US. Having recently worked as a Global University Outreach Manager at One Young World, Vee continues to inspire through her authentic adulting diaries and social initiative Empowered by Vee. Vee’s unfiltered humor, vivacious personality, and big sister vibes make her channel such a welcoming space for students and young professionals alike. If you are ever knee-deep in deadlines (we all are every now and again), watch her essay crisis videos for the boost of energy you didn’t know you needed to power through your to-dos -- go ahead and thank us once you’ve discovered the beauty of “I don’t wanna hear it.”

Eve Cornwell

A coffee-powered corporate lawyer by day, digital creator by night

A coffee-powered associate by day and digital creator by night, Eve Cornwell exudes Gen Z relatability. Eve’s YouTube catalog invites viewers on a rollercoaster ride through law school and life as a London-based corporate lawyer, highlighting the sometimes harsh realities of young adulthood. Witty, creative, and oh-so-real, Eve offers useful insights for anyone interested in pursuing law (if that sounds like you, check out Millie’s panel on law careers here).

“The big brothers and sisters you wish you had”

Whether you are looking for a study buddy, a boost of productivity, or a good dose of laughter, these StudyTubers have got your back. Initiated by students, for students, YouTube’s studying community provides a degree of relatability that educators -- who typically completed their studies many years ago -- are often unable to. Ruby, Jade, Jack, Vee, and Eve truly feel like the older siblings you never had, but always wish you did.

At Millie, we like to think of ourselves as the big brothers and sisters for students in need of academic, major, and career help. Book a free consultation to see how we can help you succeed! Also, if you would like to try your hand at StudyTubing, see our guide to starting your own YouTube channel here.