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5 European Undergraduate Business Schools You Should Consider!

5 European Undergraduate Business Schools You Should Consider!

Written By Carly Yin

If you clicked on this article, chances are that you or someone you’re helping is interested in an undergraduate business degree! Whilst the US and the UK may be prime destinations for pursuing a business degree, we guarantee you don’t want to miss your chance in Europe!

Whether you’re a student, parent, counselor, or just curious, this list can give you insights into what the different programs and academic focuses the individual business schools offer! For a general look at what business school might look like, check out Millie's Guide to Business School.

“Whether you’re a student, parent or counselor, this list can give you insight into different programs and academic focus!”

Let's take a look at some great programs to consider! Please note that the programs are not listed in any particular order or ranking.

  1. The Global BBA at ESSEC Business School Cergy, France

s0DP9HngkI2D06rZ7DGe4_t8_IWt5OeijiNYGm1HA0xX_onySnTv2MQJgN30XGfX04VfiZ4RFIIg9LByedgJGbl9TsRP4h0HXaCLELIOC3lHtwGhwFLe6wdpz2kqxvbG0nX76GwPLength: 4 years

Tuition for a year: ~€13,750

Campuses: France, Singapore, Morocco (You can choose to start at any of these locations.)

Study abroad options: 150+ partner universities in major countries

Academic tracks:

  • Options include a special track to study in Germany, Brazil, and the US
  • Double degree options at partner universities
  • Internships, apprenticeships, and professional experience are incorporated into the program

Course languages: English, French

Special note: Students are required to learn 3 languages. (This can include English and/or French for non-fluent speakers.)

  1. International Business Administration (IBA) at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

4eXQkHG01wEXmwHeTGIC4akbF8hphKh1ljvWQerFnlg0ddXhUCI9IkoxcA3d980vrw-zGdgbjjmkySCdNGovqfzzGygyzUlzaqJtLOd9nrF_L6_wzWeKE0WpVsSZJyp08P2bWI6NLength: 3 years

Tuition for a year: ~€9,600

Campus: Netherlands

Study abroad options: 175+ partner universities in major countries

Academic tracks: The first two years have an overall fixed curriculum. For the final year, students choose a combination of courses for the first half of the year. The second half asks students to choose from 5 tracks specializing in different aspects of business.

Course language: English

  1. International Economics and Management at Bocconi University Milan, Italy

l-tK_-vX7kKOhwH1ioo_gVZkZvOTtFmf9LQvwqdsj4gF_cwi3i6zLAQySGXnQlYhKxlq5hHtLlSDeCX44Y7ifXL-Q3TztwR1UBbyR8I1zSxEJsKN93dQtdat65pFrLF8e22lStKuLength: 3 years except for World Bachelor’s Business which is 4 years

Tuition for a year: ~€12,883

Campus: Italy

Study abroad options: 280+ partner universities in major countries

Academic tracks:

Course language: Mainly English

  1. Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science London, UK

kVzzsOefRo2LMIaSl4hR0Wb6EIX3fJ0UOML30bparhqU8D-ipn58FXAf7OHTvZKiCP4lirdP2yy2Dx0HSVPAlOobPDTG99WUR740QjpwggfODqtSg7qyKnOdHv5M_KvoSgVdgHvHLength: 3 years

Tuition for a year: ~£22,430

Campuses: England

Study abroad options:

  • The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • University of Michigan Ross School of Business, USA
  • University of St Gallen, Switzerland
  • HEC Paris, France
  • Bocconi University, Italy
  • HKUST Business School, Hong Kong
  • Sciences Po, Paris, France
  • University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • The University of Melbourne, Australia
  • More universities

Academic tracks: All years have a set curriculum, but there are some choices for courses in year 2 and 3.

Course languages: English

  1. International Business at Copenhagen Business School Copenhagen, Denmark

fDboCvu4WXhS5vRsFsnzITtNfHBt_eLMmNwnzQ0JxDEnHlrv7TPS6ImGRnIO8YQclW4P7TNmpbOkeuMZyhLwl_k--HoNO3aOOWb3kcPw1vtQ68P9UeNBtnjDXJ6xVEGNaIfTTeBvLength: 3 years

Tuition for a year: Website does not say.

Campuses: Denmark

Study abroad options: 300+ partner universities in major countries

Academic tracks:

  • The regular track has set courses for all 3 years
  • GLOBE tracks allows student to exchange in Hong Kong and North Carolina, USA
  • GLOBE SCLM track focuses on global logistics and supply chain management and exchange in China and Canada

Course language: English

Now that you’ve taken a look at 5 undergrad business programs in Europe, you’re on your way to making more informed decisions about university applications! However, there are still so many other options to explore, so be sure to do your own research as well. For more help on college applications and test prep, check out the Millie blog and our free and paid services.